MIAMI HERALD: We fought Big Sugar and we, and the Everglades, won

Miami Herald: Written by Kimberly Mitchell. May 13, 2017.

When George Barley began the effort to restore the flow of clean freshwater to the Everglades and Florida Bay in the 1990s, he was told that the best government could (or would) do was clean out the culverts under Tamiami Trail.

For the next two decades, the battle to save the Everglades has been mostly a David vs .Goliath effort.

Goliath was Big Sugar: Florida Crystals, U.S. Sugar and their armies of lawyers, lobbyists and politicians.

David was the group of scientists, hydrologists, wetland experts, engineers and citizens who knew that Big Sugar was polluting the Everglades and blocking the natural southerly flow of water from Lake Okeechobee.

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