Edward O' Connor

Edward O'Connor (D) House District 82    Edward O'Connor   

Ed O'Connor has spent almost 50 years litigating complex patent infringement, intellectual property, and anti-trust cases.He has represented clients throughout the United States at all level of courts, including the United States Supreme Court. His resume is found on his firm's web page: Avynolaw.com. An article detailing Ed's latest victory in the United States Supreme Court, which was a major victory for the environment, was published by Recycling Times.

Prior to moving to California to pursue patent and related litigation, Ed lived in Palm Beach and Jupiter. During that time he had a private practice of law, and worked part time as an assistant public defender. He has now semi-retired from the practice of law and has returned to Jupiter. He is running for the House because he is very concerned with the direction in which Florida is headed under the present leadership in Tallahassee. His opponent is a proud member of that leadership.

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