Everglades Trust, and all those we partner with, insists that local, state and federal lawmakers take meaningful and timely action to preserve and restore America’s Everglades. Through grassroots initiatives and legislator education, the Trust ensures lawmakers are held accountable to their constituents to save and protect the Everglades.

Most of our contributors are not wealthy, though we appreciate those who are and who step up to the plate. None of us own the Everglades when this fight to save them is over, but generations long after we're gone will be able to enjoy them and all that they give us.

We take very seriously the TRUST the public and elected officials give to us to provide the history, facts and science, both environmental and political, behind saving and protecting America’s Everglades. With that solemn principle as our guide, we work every day to ensure that TRUST is never broken.

As we are a 501c4, political non-profit, donations to Everglades Trust are not tax-deductible. 

If you’re really inspired, you can Make A Recurring Donation!

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