Contact your Legislator

There are State Legislators and Federal Legislators.

Write a personal note to your elected officials. As one of our favorite supporters says, “It's an uphill battle, but a hand-written letter is given about 10 times the weight of an email.”

Call your state representative and state senator. Phone calls are much better than emails (which they mostly ignore). Here’s the best, simplest message to get across – “I support Governor DeSantis’s bold environmental agenda. Get behind him and support Everglades restoration or face our wrath!”

Call your congressman or congresswoman and senators, Rick Scott and Marco Rubio. Phone calls are much better than emails (which they mostly ignore). Tell them that it’s important to you that the Federal Government fund Everglades restoration. The Everglades need $200M a year, every year to fund the restoration. Without that funding, the State can’t maintain the progress needed to fully restore the flow of water south.

Not sure who your State House Representative and State Senator are? Here's the link to find them. Phone calls are best. They mostly ignore emails (sad, but true). Need to find out who your U.S. Congressperson or U.S. Senator are? This link tells you who they are. You should call them as well, phone calls are more effective. 


This is Florida's State Capitol in Tallahassee

This is the United States Capitol in Washington D.C.



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