WLRN: Coalition Pushes For More Inclusive Everglades Restoration

WLRN: Written by Kate Stein. January 14, 2018.

The greater Everglades is a mosaic of habitats: sawgrass marshes, seagrass beds, pine rockland forest and hardwood hammocks coexist in an ecosystem stretching from just south of Orlando to the Florida Keys.

Participants at an annual Everglades restoration conference say to expedite much-needed restoration projects, there needs to be ongoing collaboration among groups as diverse as the ecosystem itself.

"We all have to operate as one country," Ron Bergeron, a former commissioner for Florida's Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, said Friday to the environmental advocates, water managers, state and federal officials and tribe members gathered for the 33rd Everglades Coalition conference. "We have to recognize the shared adversity, the shared impacts throughout the global Everglades."

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