CNN: Toxic algae becomes major campaign issue in Florida Senate race

CNN: Written by Ryan Nobles. September 13, 2018.

Two toxic algae blooms affecting Florida's waterways have become a major issue in the Senate race pitting incumbent Democrat Sen. Bill Nelson against sitting Republican Gov. Rick Scott.

The race has garnered national attention because of the implications the outcome could have for which party controls the Senate. The focus on algae, however, shows just how important local issue are in the race.

A toxic algae bloom known as a "red tide" has gripped more than 125 miles of coastline. It has killed marine life in dramatic volumes and has led to reports of respiratory issues in six different counties.
In the freshwater inland waterways, including major bodies of water like Lake Okeechobee, a toxic blue-green algae has formed as a result of polluted runoff.

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