TC PALM: C'mon, Gov. Scott — be a hero for the Everglades reservoir

TC PALM: Written by Editorial Board. February 8, 2018.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott's support for a reservoir south of Lake Okeechobee has always seemed lukewarm at best.

Last year, as Senate President Joe Negron fought to pass Senate Bill 10, the measure authorizing and funding the reservoir, Scott stayed largely on the sidelines, noncommittal except for periodic announcements that he wanted to see more money spent on shoring up the Herbert Hoover Dike around the lake.

Eventually, after Negron scaled back the plan, Scott came around and announced he supported storage south of the lake so long as it "utilizes state-owned land and does not take people’s private land." He also said he didn't want to see job losses in the agricultural communities that ring the lake.

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