Broken Political System. Broken Everglades. 

Everyone knows it: Our political system is broken, proof of which can be seen in the collapsing Everglades and Florida’s toxic waters.

But here's what most people don't know: There is a solution. We urge conservatives, liberals and moderates to watch Unbreaking America. Best 12 minutes you’ll spend today.

Represent Us: Unbreaking Florida: Solving the corruption crisis

It almost seems trite to worry about stone crab season. Unless it’s your family’s business, that is. The loss to the industry and all who enjoy the sweet crab claw is a harbinger of things to come if the Florida Legislature continues to drag its feet on real solutions to escalating toxins in our waterways.

NBC2: Stone crabs may be facing their worst season in 15 years


“Florida's ongoing water woes tops the list of problems to be tackled by Dr. Tom Frazer. The department plans to announce the meeting date and location of the blue-green algae task force, made up of five scientists including four from state universities, in the coming days. The meeting will be open to the public.”

WLRN: Florida's Dirty Water Tops List of Woes For New Chief Science Officer

“This happened in July 2016. It was during one of those blue-green algae blooms in Lake Okeechobee that prompts the Army Corps to dump water into the Caloosahatchee and the Gulf of Mexico. To the east it flows out the St. Lucie River to the Atlantic. Maybe you recall seeing stories and dramatic video from both coasts. It could have been a bad movie — Invasion of the Green Slime Monsters.”

ORLANDO SENTINEL: Florida waters are killing people — I was almost one of them | Commentary

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