BLOOMBERG: Irma Stirs Fear of Setback to $16 Billion Everglades Restoration

Bloomberg: Written by Ari Natter. September 18, 2017.

For two decades Steve Davis has made it his life’s work to save the Florida Everglades.

Davis, a wetland ecologist with the Everglades Foundation, has been part of a push to restore millions of acres of marsh grasses and mangroves to their natural state. The effort, comprised of nearly six-dozen projects carrying an estimated price tag of $16 billion, is one of the largest environmental restorations ever undertaken.

The plan was approved by Congress in 2000. But work has moved in fits and starts -- more than $2 billion has been spent so far -- and Davis was anxious last week to see if Hurricane Irma’s lashing winds and surging seas had setback what progress there has been. So he talked a pilot into taking him up to survey the damage.

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