WASHINGTON EXAMINER: Big Sugar's 'zero for zero' scam

Washington Examiner: Written by David Williams. December 16, 2017.

Here we go again. On the eve of the next Farm Bill reauthorization, Big Sugar corporations are up to their old tricks. To protect their government handouts, they are once again claiming that a so-called “zero-for-zero” resolution should come before Congress passes meaningful reform of the country’s harmful sugar policy. Large domestic manufacturers argue that, before subsidies and quotas are phased out, foreign governments must first stop bolstering their own producers.

Contrary to this corporate grandstanding, “zero-for-zero” is nothing but a stall tactic that would delay relief to millions of hardworking Americans and manufacturers who are subsidizing a handful of wealthy sugar processors.

While “zero for zero” may sound reasonable on the surface, proponents make some truly strange assumptions about foreign governments and the sugar industry. Even if foreign governments curb subsidization of sugar, it’s completely unreasonable to expect a complete cutting out of industry aid.

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