Army Corps agrees: Immediate change is required

Army Corps agrees: Immediate change is required

Inherent in solving a problem, any problem, a few principles are universal. You must be willing to admit you have a problem. And you must be willing to accept that things will change. Then, you must implement the necessary changes. Simple, and hard, as that.

But what happens when those causing the problem, along with those who benefit from the problem, also control the narrative? And what happens when they are the only ones with access to the problem solvers?

Stagnation. Campaign contributions. Deflection. Red herrings. Fake groups. Campaign contributions. Hired “scientists” pointing in a different direction. Repeat.

Ultimately, though, you witness an entire collapse of the system.

Though it feels incomprehensibly slow at times, we are climbing out of the morass that has stifled and muffled science and the true experts who have no personal or financial stake in the outcome.

A very good example happened this week with news from the Army Corps of Engineers.

As a quick reminder, Congressman Brian Mast and Governor Ron DeSantis had pushed for the lowering of Lake Okeechobee to 10.5 feet before the rainy season began, trying to spare our waterways from being pummeled with toxic bacteria discharges again this year.

There was fierce opposition from Big Sugar, their mouthpieces, and even some misguided municipalities. They demanded “their” water be kept in the lake at artificially high levels. Undeterred and through a series of targeted actions, the Corps allowed Lake O to recede below 11 feet ahead of Florida’s rainy season. So far, it’s worked.

Stunning news came this week.

Citing the need for an "immediate" change to the lake level schedule, in a July 10 internal letter the Army Corps declared: “The algae crisis has caused substantial and widespread impacts to Florida communities resulting in state declared emergencies in multiple counties. The proposed action will enhance the ability of the Corps to respond to harmful algal blooms within its authority.” 

That’s it. And they will not take public comment about it. Someone is finally being told no, with no apologies.

Today, the Army Corps is working to expedite changes that going forward will allow them to manage Lake O levels to the benefit of all of us and our waterways, considering many factors instead of just one – Big Sugar.

We will not let down our guard, neither should you, but real change is happening. Stick with us!

Kimberly Mitchell
Executive Director  

Congressman Brian Mast and Governor Ron DeSantis pushed for lowering Lake O to 10.5 feet before the rainy season began – against the wishes of Big Sugar – trying to spare our waterways from being pummeled with toxic bacteria again this year.

The usual suspects have been crying foul ever since. This latest (good) news is sure to ruin their day.

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