Adam Morley

Adam Morley (D) House District 24    Adam Morley   

Born and raised in southern St Johns and Flagler Counties, I am as much a part of the community as you are. As a small business owner, entrepreneur, environmental educator, and your neighbor, I am uniquely qualified to lead our district and communicate your voice at the state capitol.

As a citizen, a husband and a father, I am morally obligated to help protect our communities for future generations. I want to make sure meaningful opportunities are plentiful and diverse in our state without compromising the foundation we were built on.

Florida's natural environment is something that we all appreciate. Not only is it something that we can enjoy for our own recreation, but Florida's beautiful environment is also what funds our economy. Florida's economy is reliant on tourism, and without clean water, people would not continue to come back to Florida every year. Adam has spent much of his life cleaning up Florida's waterways with a hands-on approach that is unique to politics.

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