Shifting the status quo.

This year we've been laser-focused on the change we need to realize Everglades restoration, specifically the EAA reservoir. We've seen some solid wins, but more is needed. 

Recently, Governor DeSantis announced that he will seek $625 million in recurring funding for the next three years for Everglades restoration and protection of Florida’s water resources. This funding will meet the $2.5 billion goal outlined in the Governor’s Bold Vision for a Brighter Future budget. And, just as importantly, Everglades champion Senator Rob Bradley stood with him on behalf of Florida’s legislature. The Governor and key members of the legislature are on the same page about the Everglades. That's an enormous shift! 

For decades, we've watched the sugar cartel infiltrate every level of government, keeping their priorities top of mind and running roughshod over the rest of us. 

Now, we've got a Governor who gets it and supports the right levels of funding. Key legislators, like Senator Rob Bradley, are standing in support of the Everglades. Florida's congressional delegation pushed hard to make the Everglades a federal budget priority. This is the new status quo. 


We've witnessed the impact of small operational changes in water management - at the federal and state level. We've heard for decades those changes weren't possible. Yet they worked! Didn't require an act of Congress or a cost to the taxpayer. They required Political Will to buck the system and change the status quo.  

With a new Governing Board at the helm of SFWMD and the leadership of Governor DeSantis, we'll keep pushing until the EAA reservoir is online and lake water flows south through treatment into the Everglades and Florida Bay. We must stay the course and support leaders with the Political Will to reject the status quo and embrace America's Everglades. 

Stick with us! 

Kimberly Mitchell
Executive Director  

Now that the Army Corps, not to mention the Governor and a growing list of congressmen, is looking out for more than just Big Sugar, these sugar boys are hoppin' mad. Go Army!

TC PALM: U.S. Sugar Corp. vs. Army Corps: Who's right about operating Lake Okeechobee levels?

Governor Ron DeSantis, Congressman Brian Mast and Congressman Francis Rooney forced the Army Corps to relook at how and when Lake O discharges happen. Funded projects and new regulations for the polluters are on the horizon.

Florida’s waters got lucky this year and we able to take full advantage of it. But without due haste by the Legislature, the destruction will continue and our luck will run out.

NBC-2: Summer ends with no major blue-green algae outbreak

Palm Beach Post Editorial Board: “Governor Ron DeSantis’ commitment to Florida’s waterways – ridding them of the sewage and fertilizers that breed toxic algae, restoring the ancient flow of the Everglades, protecting coral reefs – so far is looking solid. That’s good for all of us.”

PALM BEACH POST: Editorial: DeSantis making good on his promises for Florida’s water resources

Change doesn't happen accidentally. It comes from raised voices demanding it. Special interests, with an army of lobbyists, have created loopholes in regulations, which have led the demise of Florida's waters. The time has come for our water, waterways and Everglades to be protected at all cost.

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Less than a year ago, we were stuck with a SFWMD governing board that didn’t even try to hide their contempt for the public as they pulled out all the stops for Big Sugar.

New day. New governing board. Everglades champions, like Jacqui Thurlow-Lippisch from Martin County, are stepping up big time!

WATCH NOW: SFWMD Board Member Thurlow-Lippisch: EAA Reservoir Update

"After they take a swamp walk, they say, 'Wow, this is better than Disney World,'" says Clyde. "It's a pretty place. I want to keep showing it to people."

At the heart of his work is a desire to preserve and protect Florida's delicate ecostructure. We stand with Clyde Butcher Photography!

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Congressman Francis Rooney (R-FL):  “It is well past time for Republicans to recognize the increasing costs and dangers associated with a changing climate.”

Congressman Rooney also has our backs on the Everglades -- we're mighty proud of him.

Congressman Francis Rooney: I'm a Conservative Republican. Climate change is real.

Change comes when people get angry or inspired enough to force it. We're grateful that Captains Daniel and Chris decided to get into the fight.

“When you get pissed, you do stuff that you normally wouldn’t do. Like, quit a cool job to deal with s**** politicians.”  Daniel Andrews, Captains for Clean Water

MEAT EATER: Florida Water Crisis: Is New Leadership Finally Turning the Tide?

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