Deseret News: In our opinion: Don't let Utah's algae bloom balloon

Deseret News: Written by Deseret News Editorial Board. November 21, 2017.

In the West, water has always had an outsize importance as a natural resource. Without water, life won’t last long, and precious little of it comes naturally in the arid desert.

So when large poisonous algae blooms appear in reservoirs, lakes and ponds across the state of Utah, it’s more than just a problem that needs solving. It is a potential crisis of enormous proportions.

In this case, however, the problem isn’t confined to the West. A new analysis by the Associated Press found that algae blooms are infesting everything from the Great Lakes to city water supplies.

An AP story quoted an environmental scientist who said, “It’s a big, pervasive threat that we as a society are not doing nearly enough to solve.” A nation of 325 million people cannot afford to allow threats to its water supply or, to a lesser extent, threats to the millions of dollars that water recreation adds to the economy yearly. Yet the response so far seems tepid.

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