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The Everglades comprise the largest subtropical wetland ecosystem in North America and are recognized as one of the most important on the planet. They are a World Heritage Site and an International Biosphere Reserve.

Home to more than 80 endangered species of plants and animals, they are the source of the water supply for one out of every three Floridians (8 million people). The Everglades are the nexus of our water-based tourism economy, the economics this great system generates and makes possible exceed anything else in Florida.

Along with the Everglades Foundation, the Trust was founded in 1994 by the late George Barley. Today his legacy is carried on by his wife, Mary, and a dedicated Board of Directors, staff and volunteers. Our advocacy is backed up by overwhelming sound science and research. The Everglades Foundation is a world-renowned leader in the science and engineering of the Everglades. The Everglades Trust is the political science of the Everglades. And, unfortunately, there is a whole lot of politics embedded in the Everglades. 

The Trust and all those we partner with insist that local, state and federal lawmakers take meaningful and timely action to preserve and restore America’s Everglades. Through grassroots initiatives and legislator education, the Trust ensures lawmakers are held accountable to their constituents to save and protect the Everglades.

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    For the Everglades, Not a Bad Year After All

    FOR THE EVERGLADES, NOT A BAD YEAR AFTER ALL  2020 is ending on a high note, and no one and nothing is more excited about this fact than the Everglades and three nationally-vital coastal estuaries, including the headwaters of the Florida Keys. We have a Governor, Ron DeSantis, who has not wavered in his commitment to push back against the status quo and get our most important Everglades restoration project – the EAA Reservoir and Treatment Project – moving. This is by far the most important project for Everglades restoration. We’ve waited more than 20 years for this day. Despite all the hurdles the sugar industry and their lobbyists have thrown their way, the Governor and the Governing Board and staff of the South Florida Water Management District have ushered in the project in record time. Permits have been issued and work has begun! We have a Congressman, Brian Mast, who has been an Everglades warrior in Washington, D.C., like few before him. Congressman Mast joins a small, but amazing group of men and women who have shown courage in the face of unbelievable adversity to bring Everglades restoration to the point we are at today. He knows who and what is killing the Everglades and is not shy about calling them by name – the sugar industry.
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    Public Sees Through Sugar-Coated Tweets

    Team Everglades- If there is a silver lining to 2020 for the Everglades and the Everglades Trust – some humor and hope – it is the public’s reaction to Florida’s sugar industry. Today, millions of Floridians are armed with science and facts on what, who and why America’s Everglades and three nationally-important coastal estuaries are being destroyed. More importantly, they know how to solve these problems and understand what is at stake if we do not. This is a far cry from where we started. One of the Trust’s favorite ways to gauge the public’s sentiment is to read the comments on social media posts sponsored by Florida Crystals and US Sugar. When the public's ire gets hot, these corporations start pumping out their public relations “we’re just farmers” malarky.  
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