TAMPA BAY TIMES: Water agency boss who bucked scientists put in charge of Enterprise Florida

Tampa Bay Times: Written by Craig Pittman. July 19, 2017.

Pete Antonacci, who last week made headlines telling scientists to stay in their lane rather than criticize his water agency's work on Everglades restoration, is getting a new job.

After less than two turbulent years as executive director of the South Florida Water Management District, he's been tapped to take over Florida's beleaguered business-recruitment agency, Enterprise Florida.

Enterprise Florida's executive committee voted to recommend Antonacci Wednesday after Gov. Rick Scott called him "a good team player." A vote by the agency's full board is considered a formality.

Onetime lobbyist Antonacci, 68, has no prior experience at recruiting businesses, just as he had no prior experience at running a water agency overseeing flood control and the Everglades restoration project before Scott tapped him for that job. Scott had previously appointed him to fill in as state attorney in Palm Beach County for a year.

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