REUTERS: 'War on sugar' takes toll; Asia, Brazil struggle to make up shortfall

REUTERS: Written by Ana Ionova and Chris Prentice. May 23, 2017.

The "war on sugar" being waged by governments and consumers to combat public health emergencies like diabetes is slowing growth in global demand, which along with other factors could signal a fundamental shift in consumption ahead.

Consumption may grow at its slowest pace in seven years in 2017/18, according to analyst group Platts Kingsman. It forecasts a rise of 1.04 percent, nearly half the average growth of about 2 percent per year over the last decade.

"Consumption is generally stagnating in developed countries," Tom McNeill, director at commodity analyst group Green Pool, told Reuters.

Falling consumption in more health-conscious markets has been exacerbated by higher prices and the use of alternatives like high-fructose corn syrup in developing countries that might otherwise have made up the shortfall.

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