In 2016, Kait Parker with The Weather Channel produced a phenomenal documentary, spelling out the problem as well as we could. We encourage you to watch it and share it.

For 242 days in 2016, Florida was under a state of emergency due to toxic, blue-green algae impacting four coastal counties and devastating the local economy and environment. The current algae outbreak is also a direct threat to human health as various local beaches and recreational sites have been temporary closed by health departments.

boats.jpgToxic algae at a local marina in Stuart, Florida 

Why is Florida experiencing a water crisis that has gained national attention? Lake Okeechobee, one of the nation’s largest freshwater bodies, is polluted by a legacy of nutrient pollution, primarily phosphorus and nitrogen.

The Weather Channel spells it out

Kait Parker and her team have put together a very comprehensive look at the sugar industry in Florida – and the problems associated with them for Florida’s water, waterways and Everglades.

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Everglades restoration is now 18 years in the making. The clock is ticking faster and faster. The urgency for this work cannot be overstated.

It remains, Now Or Neverglades.

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