The Top 5 Strategies

Reconnecting the flow of water from Lake O to the Everglades and sending the water south.

Beginning implementation of the Everglades reservoir in six months, not seven to ten years.

Rejecting the sugar industry’s latest attack on our water supply and the worsening conditions of the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean by halting any plans for deep injection wells north of Lake O. Have we not learned anything? You do NOT try to solve one problem by creating others. That’s what got us in this mess to begin with.

Controlling pollution north of Lake Okeechobee and supporting a combination of prevention efforts, reducing pollution at its source, mandating enforceable clean-up plans and investing in stormwater treatment areas.

Combining authority and responsibility of water quality standards and parking it with one state agency. Water quality standards belong under the purview of the Department of Environmental Protection – not the Department of Agriculture.