WASHINGTON EXAMINER: The fight against subsidy-suckling Big Sugar: Blending populism with conservatism

Washington Examiner: Written by Washington Examiner. August 13, 2018. 

When a Republican primary debate turns to charges of undue corporate influence, we pay attention. When a conservative lawmaker lays out a populist message grounded in conservative principles, we hope the rest of the GOP is listening, too.

Last week, Florida gubernatorial candidates Rep. Ron DeSantis (who represents Florida's 6th Congressional District) and Adam Putnam (Florida's agriculture commissioner) faced off in a Republican debate. Things got feisty.

“Adam,” DeSantis said, “is basically the errand boy for U.S. sugar. He is going to stand with them, time and time again. He is going to give them everything they want.”

The immediate topic was Big Sugar’s pollution of Florida’s water supply — their fertilizers cause damaging and ugly algae blooms downstream — but DeSantis’s critique goes deeper.

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