Senator Anitere Flores


Sen. Anitere Flores (R) FL Senate District 39

As a State Senator, Anitere Flores understands that Florida’s most precious natural resources and environment attract millions of visitors to our great state each year. As a mother, she is dedicated to protecting the environment for current and future Floridians. She pledges to remain committed to making sure that Florida’s infrastructure, use of energy and business practices operate in a way that does not hinder the environment. Senator Flores desires to work closely with environmental and climate experts to assess what the state can do to address challenges such as sea level rise. Her goal is to ensure that our children and future generations have the opportunity to experience the beauty of South Florida. She is a proud signer of the Now Or Neverglades Declaration. Like us, Senator Flores knows it’s #NowOrNeverglades. For more information, visit Anitere Flores’ website at

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