#NowOrNeverglades is the unifying voice of Floridians and visitors, local, state and national elected officials, families, boat captains, fishermen and environmental conservation groups, Republicans and Democrats, and businesses – small and large – who have come together to save America's Everglades and Florida's water.

“Before you vote, look at what nature is showing you, and listen to what science is telling you.”  - Kimberly Mitchell, Executive Director, Everglades Trust

For decades, tourism, taxation and trade have been the anchors of the Florida economy. Today and going forward, we are bringing the Everglades into the Florida political narrative, where it deserves to be. Hundreds of thousands of us are standing up to protect the drinking water of 8 million Floridians, our precious, unique ecosystems and waterways, and Florida's most important industry – tourism.

The Now or Neverglades declaration has already garnered more than 100,000 signatures- be sure to add yours