Stop US Sugar Greenwashing

Add your name and be a citizen co-signer to our open letter to William White, the CEO of environmental non-profit, Charles Mott Foundation and the Chairman of the Board of US Sugar Corp -- a mega polluter of the Everglades.

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Chamber of Commerce Says: "Everglades Restoration Is Good For Business"

From the Miami Herald:  Fifteen years ago, the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan was adopted by the U.S. Congress. It was estimated that CERP would cost $8.2 billion and take approximately 30 years to complete. Since then we have seen some progress, but also too many delays.

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WATCH: Pollution of Everglades Threatens the Miccosukee

WATCH: Mac Stone TED Talk

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READ: Lake State Sen. Alan Hays led bait-and-switch on Amend. 1

Published in Orlando Sentinel, July 6, 2015: The biggest scam on voters since the Florida Lottery was approved by the Legislature last month, and the author of much of it was none other than state Sen. Alan Hays, R-Umatilla.

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READ: In so many cases, Florida's legislators show they can't be trusted

Published in Jacksonville Times-Union on June 25, 2015: Legislators managed to take the word “trust” out of trust fund. Now they are snubbing their noses at the landslide number of Florida voters who supported protecting the state’s conservation lands.

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SUN SENTINEL: Sugar industry accused of dodging Everglades clean-up costs

SUN SENTINEL: June 15, 2014. Written by Andy Reid.

Florida taxpayers have been left shouldering most of the $2 billion Everglades water pollution cleanup cost, despite a constitutional amendment passed by nearly 70 percent of voters that calls for the sugar industry to pick up its share of the tab.

While South Florida sugar-cane growers excel at providing the sweet ingredient for everything from cakes to candy bars, polluted phosphorus-laden runoff from sugar-cane fields has damaging consequences on the Everglades.

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READ: The Florida Legislature's Amendment 1 Fraud

Published in Tampa Tribune on June 17, 2015: The state budget that Florida lawmakers will vote on Friday amounts to a brazen betrayal of the public's trust. Months after voters overwhelmingly approved spending hundreds of millions in additional money to protect endangered waters and lands, legislators are poised to spend less on the environment than before Amendment 1 was on the ballot. This violates the intent of the voters, who should remember before the next election the name of each lawmaker who supports such a callous disregard for their express wishes.

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READ: Lawmakers, Remember Your Oath

Reported in Sun Sentinel on June 11, 2015:  "A majority of Florida lawmakers bill themselves as fiscally conservative and strict followers of the Constitution, but the ongoing standoff over the purchase of new public lands paints a far different picture."

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