TAMPA BAY TIMES: Times recommends: Patrick Murphy for U.S. Senate

TAMPA BAY TIMES: October 7, 2016. Written by Opinion.

Florida voters tired of gridlock in Washington have a clear choice for U.S. Senate. Democrat Patrick Murphy of Jupiter has served just two terms in the House, but he is a centrist who is right on the issues and works in a bipartisan fashion. Incumbent Republican Sen. Marco Rubio of Miami is on the wrong side of most every issue, and he changed his mind about seeking re-election after he was crushed by Donald Trump in the Florida presidential primary. A Senate seat should not be a consolation prize for a failed presidential candidate killing time until his next run for the White House.

Here are 12 reasons Florida voters should replace Rubio with Murphy:

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POLITICO: New mystery entity pushes local governments to oppose Negron's Everglades reservoir plan

POLITICO: October 4, 2016. Written by Bruce Ritchie.

TALLAHASSEE — A shadowy entity created last month is asking local governments in North Florida to pass resolutions opposing Sen. Joe Negron's Everglades land-buying proposal.

Stand Up North Florida is trying to rally opposition to the proposed $2.4 billion reservoir project, saying it will dry up conservation spending elsewhere in Florida. A representative during a High Springs City Commission meeting on Sept. 22 refused to say who was funding the group.

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MIAMI HERALD: Who is a better friend of the Everglades, Rubio or Murphy?

MIAMI HERALD: September 30, 2016. Written by Mary Ellen Klas and Kristen M. Clark.

For all their differences on national issues, how Republican Marco Rubio and Democrat Patrick Murphy handle one uniquely Florida issue — pollution from Lake Okeechobee — could have a profound impact on the future of the state.

The two U.S. Senate candidates both say they’re committed to Everglades restoration — and boast of accomplishments in Congress to prove that dedication — but they differ on how the problem should be solved.


TCPALM: Guest column: Water from Lake O must go south

TCPALM: October 2, 2016. Written by Mark Perry.

We are now at 247 days of constant discharges from Lake Okeechobee, totaling more than 216 billion gallons into the St. Lucie Estuary and southern Indian River Lagoon.

More than 400 billion gallons have gone to the Caloosahatchee River Estuary from the lake during this same period. The destruction to the environment and the economies in these coastal communities has been devastating, including threats to human health from contact with the waters.

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TCPALM: Editorial: Time to talk about ending sugar protections

TCPALM: September 30, 2016. Written by Editorial Board.

In a Sept. 16 New York Times op-ed on "The Shady History of Big Sugar," historian David Singerman details how the industry's "machinations" have, for more than a century, helped fuel both sugar consumption and sugar profits.

The latest evidence were revelations published earlier this month in JAMA Internal Medicine showing that over the course of five decades, the industry gamed vital research on the connection between diet and heart disease, paying scientists to downplay sugar's culpability.

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WPTV: Algae making reappearance on Treasure Coast

WPTV: September 28, 2016. Written by Jon Shainman.

STUART, Fla. - At former Martin County algae hot spots in Rio, and under the Roosevelt Bridge in Stuart, there was no algae easily spotted Wednesday.

But at a marina in North River Shores, there were small green specs.

At the St. Lucie Lock and Dam, on the other side of the gates, you can see green slicks of algae as fish poke their heads above the surface.

But just because we aren’t seeing massive algae blooms, it doesn’t mean the news is all good.

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FLORIDA WEEKLY: The Fix to our water crisis is complicated but doable

FLORIDA WEEKLY: September 28, 2016. Written by Roger Williams.

IT’S THE YEAR OF WATER IN FLORIDA. Unprecedented winter floods swept into Lake Okeechobee from the north, cascading into the delicate estuaries on Florida’s east and west coasts, cooking up the worst summer algae blooms and fish kills in memory.

It was international news. Vacationers stayed away. All businesses touched by tourism reeled from revenue losses.

A fever pitch of frustration resulted in scores of new advocacy groups, petitions, rallies and protests. Following the heaviest rains ever recorded for the month of January — 10 or more inches above the average 2 inches, in many places — releases from the lake into the St. Lucie and Caloosahatchee rivers began in February.

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STUART MAGAZINE: Months After Algae Blooms Invade Martin County, We Explore What’s Being Done To Ensure This Doesn’t Happen Again

STUART MAGAZINE: October edition. Written by Ike Crumpler.

It hasn’t been long since a bloom of algae washed onto Treasure Coast shores, resulting in local concern and national coverage. Writer Ike Crumpler talks with scientists, politicians and U.S. Sugar in order to tap into what can and will be done to stop the ooze from contaminating our waterways in the future. 

Now this was something new. 

And even for all the damage—environmentally and economically—Martin County residents and business owners have seen affect the St. Lucie River and Indian River Lagoon during the decades, this was particularly horrifying. 

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TAMPA BAY TIMES: Environmental groups are backing Patrick Murphy over Marco Rubio

TAMPA BAY TIMES: September 27, 2016. Written by Kristen M. Clark.

Environmental groups appear to be rallying behind Democratic U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy over Republican incumbent U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio in Florida's close U.S. Senate race. 

Murphy's campaign announced this morning the endorsement of the national Sierra Club. And, an official at the Everglades Trust has told the Herald/Times that it, too, is backing Murphy, although no formal announcement has been made yet.

Murphy has focused heavily on environmental protection and Everglades restoration during his two terms in Congress.

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POLITICO: Latvala: 'Wide range of options' on Everglades to be considered

POLITICO: September 27, 2016. Written by Bruce Ritchie.

TALLAHASSEE — As incoming Senate budget chairman, GOP Sen. Jack Latvala says he will carry Sen. Joe Negron's proposal for an Everglades water storage reservoir "to the finish line" in 2017, but he also says the chamber will consider a range of options.

Negron, the incoming Senate president, in August proposed that the state buy 60,000 acres of farmland south of Lake Okeechobee to reduce environmentally harmful discharges to coastal estuaries. Some agricultural industry representatives are dismissing the idea but Latvala says environmentalists, agriculture and business groups need to work together.

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