WPTV: Local charities make sure expiring FEMA food boxes don't go to waste

WPTC: Written by Alanna Quillen. April 4, 2018.

“We spend all our time battling to save the Everglades and the drinking water supply for eight million Floridians," said Kimberly Mitchell While it’s mighty important work that we are committed to, stopping to ensure Maura gets all this food to hungry children, especially those in the Glades communities, is a no-brainer.”

More truckloads on the way, so that more mouths can be fed in the coming months.

"We're going to do this straight through the summer," said Plante. "Straight through July, until all of this is out into the community, because we don't want to see anybody going hungry."

These boxes are only being given out by the pallet. Any church or nonprofit organization or agency is welcome to come pick up the boxes.

If you would like to sign up to pick up a pallet or even want some boxes for your family, just email info@livinghungry.org or maura@livinghungry.org. You can also call (561) 400-2712.

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