Write a Letter to the Editor

One of the most important ways to support the Sugar Policy Modernization Act is to write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. By doing this, your voice can be heard.

Tips on How to Write a Letter to the Editor

  • Research email addresses for your local newspapers

  • Write your message in 500 words or less

  • Use a combination of your personal experiences as well as the talking points below

  • Maintain a respectful and constructive tone

  • Include your basic contact information

  • Proofread

  • Press send!


  • Ensure no cost to taxpayers.The 2008 farm bill contained new sugar program features that allowed large sugar processors to default on federal government loans, thereby exposing taxpayers to indefensible costs. In 2013, this led to a nearly $259 million taxpayer-funded bailout for sugar producers. The provisions of the Sugar Policy Modernization Act would guarantee that taxpayers would never again have to pick up the tab for loan defaults by large sugar processors.
  • Repeal unnecessary trade restrictions.The 2008 farm bill required the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to set import quotas (also known as tariff-rate quotas) at a legal minimum each year, with very limited flexibility to respond to changing market conditions as needed. The Sugar Policy Modernization Act would repeal these additional restrictions and provide greater flexibility to the USDA when implementing the program.
  • Provide more flexibility to USDA to ensure an adequate supply to the domestic market.The Sugar Policy Modernization Act establishes the basic requirement that USDA administer the sugar program to provide adequate supplies of sugar at reasonable prices for U.S. businesses and consumers.
  • Repeal the Feedstock Flexibility Program.The 2008 farm bill added a program that requires the government, if sugar prices fall below guaranteed levels, to buy surplus sugar and then sell that sugar to ethanol companies, typically at a loss to taxpayers. The Sugar Policy Modernization Act would eliminate this requirement and protect taxpayers from footing the bill for this program.
  • Repeal marketing allotments that are unique to sugar production.The USDA sets detailed quotas known as marketing allotments to restrict the amount of sugar domestic producers can sell, imposing company-by-company sales quotas. The Sugar Policy Modernization Act would eliminate the restrictive marketing allotments that are divided among sugar processors.
  • Still not sure who to submit one to your local paper or need anything else? Just let us know. We are here to help.


Along with you, we are continuing to meet with each member of the Florida delegation in Congress, including Senators Rubio and Nelson. We’ve included a copy of our news release here, as well as the letter to 27 individual Congressmen and Congresswomen urging them to sign on to the Sugar Policy Modernization Act, amending the 2018 Farm Bill.


Additional Resources 

Samples of strong letters to the editor: Florida Keys News and St. Louis Dispatch

If you have any questions or would like help regarding the letter, please email info@evergladestrust.org or call our office at (561) 508-6314