Kirk Fordham

Kirk Fordham

Kirk Fordham is determined. He’s determined to use every day of his life to have an impact on his family, his community and the world he lives in.

Drawing on his three decades of experience on Capitol Hill, in philanthropy and the private sector, Kirk works to shape public policy in a way that expands individual freedom, protects our spectacular natural treasures and creates a more just and humane society. He is passionate about creating innovative ways to provide impoverished kids with the hope, self-confidence and education to succeed. He is passionate about creating change.

Kirk understands that government works in both predictable and unexpected ways. He knows how to craft and execute a strategy for a big policy win and he understands that, sometimes, quiet, incremental changes can produce equally important outcomes.

Having served for 18 years as a chief of staff and senior legislative advisor to three Republican members of Congress, Kirk is trusted by policymakers across the political spectrum. Democratic National Committee chairwoman, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, said of him: "Kirk practices a bi-partisan approach to problem-solving that has earned him the respect of many friends on both sides of the aisle.” He has assembled coalitions on the right and the left, working comfortably alongside everyone from evangelical leaders and corporate executives to LGBT advocates and environmental activists.

As CEO of the Everglades Foundation, Kirk Fordham, revitalized a fledgling environmental group and built it into one of the most influential conservation organizations in Florida. The Foundation conceived and helped steer to completion Florida’s acquisition of over 26,000 acres of sugar cane and citrus land for pollution treatment facilities to improve water quality in the Everglades—the source of drinking water for one-third of the state’s residents. The Foundation played a leading role in securing $420 million in federal appropriations to fund six critical, but long-delayed, Everglades restoration projects now completed or under construction.

At Gill Action, Kirk led one of the leanest, but most respected, political operations in the nation, playing a central role in the effort to secure the freedom to marry for same sex couples in all fifty states. Working with faith and business leaders, and scores of civil rights and marriage equality advocates, Kirk helped persuade some of the nation’s most conservative lawmakers from Salt Lake City to Tallahassee to support the freedom to marry and vote for new laws barring workplace and housing discrimination.

Kirk listens first and asks lots of questions--knowing that his role is to help clients define their objectives before diving into premature discussions about strategies and tactics. Kirk is seasoned enough to have learned from his losses but possesses the savvy and understanding of how technology and innovation continues to disrupt the world of advocacy. He understands how to advance reforms within even the most change-resistant industries and government institutions. A veteran political operative, he’s managed congressional campaigns and led the multimillion dollar fundraising operation for a cabinet secretary’s successful campaign for the U.S. Senate.

As a result of all his work in so many states, Kirk has a vast network of friends and colleagues who are eager to collaborate with him to achieve a desired outcome for his clients.

Most important, Kirk keeps things in perspective. More than anything else, he relishes every opportunity to take his husband, Mike, and their two sons, Lukas and Levi, hiking, skiing, biking, fishing, swimming or any other activity that keeps them outdoors and away from the damn television.