House and Senate Endorsements 2018


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Gayle Harrell (R) Senate District 25

Gayle Harrell for Senate      BIO

Senator Annette Taddeo is a small business owner and a working mom from South Dade who moved to this country as a teenager, put herself through college and has lived the American Dream. An active community leader for over 30 years, Annette is proud to call South Dade home, for her family and her business. In 2017, Annette was elected Florida State Senator for District 40.  Senator Taddeo has been a champion for a multi-faceted approach that keeps our water and our community safe—she has introduced legislation to ban fracking and has sought a ban on offshore drilling to protect our coastline. Tallahassee must do more to boost natural disaster preparedness and restore our precious Everglades, which why she co-sponsored the Florida Forever Fund which would finally respect the wishes of the vast majority of voters who supported Amendment 1.

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Adam Morley

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David Smith

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Barbara Cady

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Anna Eskamani

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Carlos Guillermo Smith

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Thad Altman

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Chris Latvala

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Heather Fitzenhagen

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Edward O'Connor     Edward O'Connor for State House          BIO

Matt Theobold     Matt Theobald for Florida House          BIO

Delores Hogan Johnson     Delores Hogan Johnson for House District 84          BIO

Jim Bonfiglio     Jim Bonfiglio for Florida House of Representatives          BIO

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Michael Gottlieb     Michael Gottlieb Democrat for State House          BIO

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Javier Fernandez     Javier Fernandez for State House          BIO

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