The destructive influence of Big Sugar is deeply embedded in both political parties in Tallahassee and Washington, D.C. For us to merely vote along party lines will not break their stranglehold on Florida's government. Voting for candidates with a good head on their shoulders and the political will to stand up to the status quo is what it will take. 


It's been 18 years since the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP) was signed into law. We still don't have the right elements in place to send the water south, and while we've made some progress it isn't enough. What we have had enough of are stall tactics, delays, and a kick-the-can-down-the-road mentality that has allowed polluters to keep polluting with impunity.

We've seen polluters rewarded with profitable lease agreements, billions of dollars in subsidies paid for by Floridians and watched their lobbyists write the laws that are meant to protect our waterways but really benefit Big Sugar. We're seeing the devastating results of decades of bad water management policies on both coasts of Florida and we're seeing the harm that's been done to marine life, our waterways and even human health.


We can save America's Everglades and three nationally-vital coastal estuaries from collapse. We can halt the devastating discharges of polluted water to both coasts of Florida. We can ensure the drinking water supply for 8 million Floridians. We can hand future generations a protected heirloom.

We’ve had the science, the plan and the money. What we've lacked for decades is political will and action from our elected officials, from both political parties. The stranglehold the sugar industry has held on our waterways and political system can only come to an end when the people have had enough.


No more studies, promises, photo ops, agreements, roundtable discussions or stalling. 

No voting party line. These sugar barons and their henchmen own politicians of all stripes and are embedded in both political parties. Period. Full stop. 


These elected officials and aspirants for political office have stood up to declare: Enough is enough. So, all Floridians need to stand with them.

To make these endorsements, we used a comprehensive set of criteria, which we explain here