Early Voting starts August 13

Early voting starts August 13th in some counties, some counties start later this week. Click here to find the early voting dates for your county. 

Once you’ve located your county Supervisor of Elections, follow the link to the website and look for your county’s early voting dates.

Next, check the location your county lists for early voting. Early voting locations may be different than your normal voting precinct, so double check before you head out to vote. Once you’ve confirmed the dates and location, you’re ready to vote early!

Have questions? Contact your county’s Supervisor of Elections for specific questions about early voting near you.

In the Democratic primary, the Everglades candidate is Gwen Graham. Throughout her life, Gwen Graham has fought to protect Florida’s natural treasures: as a young law student, she volunteered pro-bono for the Sierra Club; in Congress, she co-sponsored bipartisan legislation to stop oil drilling off our coasts and was a powerful voice for Everglades restoration.

In the Republican primary, the Everglades candidate is Ron DeSantis. In Congress, he supported eliminating corporate welfare for the sugar industry and has supported Everglades restoration at every turn. Most recently, he was instrumental in getting the Trump administration to approve the Everglades reservoir in record time.

Florida’s wildlife, fisheries, beaches, rivers and lakes are being devastated by toxic algae that is now affecting human health and risking water supplies. Our next governor must be dedicated to Everglades restoration – and have the backbone to stand up to special corporate interests that have hampered progress for decades.