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  • Audrey Hansen
    commented 2018-07-19 08:07:33 -0700
    I have to question. Why do we need to purchase more land to hold more toxins? Why can’t we STOP the chemicals that are causing the destruction? More lakes to hold more poison is insanity. I will not support this plan. Stopping the refineries from using these chemicals in our state is the only way to save the Everglades and our waterways. Buy making more holding tanks for these toxins is simply inviting the refineries to continue using them. It’s disgusting and criminal.
  • Deborah Koroch
    commented 2018-07-17 12:49:26 -0700
    I don’t understand this article. How can you say you like all five democratic candidates if Mr. Gilium will not commit? Why did Gwen Graham take money and then return it; was the receipt a mistake or did she have a change of heart? Please clarify. This is an important issue and I want to cast my vote for the candidate most likely to turn this around.
  • William Davis
    commented 2018-07-17 10:11:15 -0700
    How do I make a one time donation? The only option I see is a recurring donation.
  • Bill Klein
    commented 2018-07-14 08:34:50 -0700
    I want to write an article about protecting and cleaning the water inputs to Lake Okeechobee, Everglades, and the Indian River Lagoon.

    Can you give information about what Senator Nelson has done for Florida’s water bodies?

    I also am gathering information about the programs that Gov Scott has stopped and staffed with non-environmental people. I want to get dollar amounts about the money he took away from Florida Forever, Amendment 1, and other Everglades programs. I am also getting information about the Land purchase for Everglades cleanup from Big Sugar that Gov Scott cancelled.

    I do not want to see Gov Scott in any more Government offices.
  • Leonard Wheeler
    commented 2018-06-02 15:23:34 -0700
    May I ask my FB water and algae FB readers to tell me any answers you have to this question from Dr Ney a published chemist who ask me these questions for which I someway sometimes find answers.

    To: Leonard Wheeler

    From: Ronald E. Ney, Jr., Advocate for Validated Science

    Subject: Phosphate in fertilizer and feces; and nitrates and nitrites

    I have asked the following of FDEP, FDACS, many in UF, The Scotts Company LLC, Fertilizer Association, Sugar Cane Growers CO-OP FL, USDA, USEPA, USGS, American Society for Microbiology and many agriculture universities and others and it is amazing that no one to date can answer my questions but some referred me to search the internet which I have and got no answers except what I already knew. Maybe you can provide me with answers. They appear to have no idea what phosphate compounds caused the algae bloom if they even cause the algae bloom and one would think they would want to know.

    What is the chemical formula and chemical names of phosphate ionic compounds found in animal feces, sewage and non-manure fertilizer?

    ALSO: Fertilizers can contain phosphate as P2O5 (P4O10), phosphorus pentoxide a dehydrating agent and hydrolysis to P4O10 + 6 H2O → 4 H3PO4.

    Does phosphoric acid degrade in the environment and if so to what?

    My (OUR )question is when phosphorus pentoxide is applied to soil what are its degradation products, the final product and this also applies to water. Is the final product degraded by microbes (aerobic and/or anaerobic) and if so to what?

    Nitrates and nitrites in fecal matter, sewage and in fertilizer can be transformed into N-nitrosamines which are carcinogens and this never mentioned, why? Please email me studies on this.
  • Jack Reyes
    commented 2018-03-29 15:03:18 -0700
  • Joan Silvieus
    commented 2018-02-04 10:47:16 -0800
  • Melissa Buhler
    commented 2018-01-31 12:20:42 -0800
    A few days back I followed your directions and phoned Gov. Scott’ s office. I left a message with an aide saying he should make sure the reservoir is larger and enough to clean much of the current polluted water. I was told he’d get the message.
  • Melissa Buhler
    commented 2018-01-31 12:18:22 -0800
    A few days back I followed your directions and phoned Gov. Scott’ s office. I left a message with an aide saying he should make sure the reservoir is larger and enough to clean much of the current polluted water. I was told he’d get the message.
  • Crystal Betancourt
    commented 2017-12-21 11:30:29 -0800
    Hello friends,

    Wyland is attempting to make a donation to Everglades Trust. Can you please return this completed W-9 and we can issue a check ASAP.

    Thank you!
  • Thom Parker
    commented 2017-09-08 03:49:44 -0700
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  • Scott Hall
    commented 2017-08-06 18:19:11 -0700
    I called you out on Facebook because you low life’s are doing EXACTLY what the Florida government wants instead of what’s RIGHT & you fuckers blocked me from commenting because I hit the nail on the head about you people being just a scam & that you also have no intentions of doing what’s right & running the water south !!! I have another Facebook account to with right 5000 people & I will be SURE to tell them what you are doing & that you’re probably government run since you want to follow their plan instead of doing the right thing !!! I hit a nerve & you blocked me, now I’m going to tell everyone about !!!
  • Robert Wernicke
    commented 2017-03-15 17:23:48 -0700

    I donated $700 to the Everglades Trust in July or August of 2016, but I haven’t been able to find a tax receipt from you all for my donation. Would you please send me a duplicate?


    Robert Michael Wernicke
  • Janine Austin
    commented 2017-03-03 14:39:45 -0800

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    commented 2017-02-22 21:09:30 -0800
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  • Judy Dominek
    commented 2017-02-02 05:34:19 -0800
    Please keep fighting. I have lived here for 30 years and am an avid kayaker. I go out and see dead fish and birds and come back coughing. Friends visited last week and wanted to spend all their time at our beaches. They did for two days and on Sunday she woke up with terrible allergies from the red tide and ended up going to an emergency clinic. They won’t be back.
  • C. J. Addison
    commented 2017-01-12 09:09:06 -0800
    Wish to speak to someone about how to respond to email message I received, following phone call by me, from state senator Bill Galvanos office, in regards to Everglades restoration plans.
  • C. J. Addison
    commented 2016-12-28 13:52:58 -0800
    would like to know how to obtain additional photos of the conditions in Lake O as well as the everglades, as a result of poor water management in these areas.
  • Peter Cole
    commented 2016-12-03 10:30:15 -0800
    Hi, after 16 wonderful years in Florida (Fort Myers & Satellite Beach, bi-coastal), I moved back to California. This is relevant because in that time (16 years) a battle raged on the coast of California to save beaches protected by the California Coastal Commission. We finally won. After winning waves of repeated attacks, the beaches were saved (Trestles area – San O). We won because people truly cared and brought daylight to the issues and interests that sought to pave over some of the last remaining natural space on Southern California.

    “The people” were key to securing this victory for nature. During my time in Florida, I met good people who cared deeply for the environment. I voted for taxes and propositions that reserved monies for the purpose of preservation (Forever Florida, etc.). These initiatives were supported by the majority of voters. And, there was hope and optimism that Florida’s greatest assets, its wilderness and beaches, would be preserved.

    However, “the people” also voted for (and continue to vote for) candidates that do not serve them or the precious assets that make Florida truly great. They vote for self-interested climate change deniers instead of candidates that work for the people’s interest. When the two interests,which are not mutually exclusive, come together we get the rare Florida Politician (and their are a few of these).

    My point is that money and influence (the lobbyist with deepest pockets) will always win if there is not outrage and a black lash from the people who vote for these self serving politicos particularly at the state level. It is up to the people of Florida to be outraged over the destruction of their environment (e.g., Indian River Lagoon). Do something Floridians. It is truly up to you to save your environment at the least for your children and their children.
  • Yvonne Maffia
    commented 2016-12-02 06:59:10 -0800
  • Alice Thomas
    commented 2016-12-02 00:08:10 -0800
    Hi, We wanted to get in touch with you to increase traffic on your website. Please reply to this email so we can send you an audit report of your website. Thank you
  • Alice Thomas
    commented 2016-12-02 00:08:10 -0800
    Hi, We wanted to get in touch with you to increase traffic on your website. Please reply to this email so we can send you an audit report of your website. Thank you
  • jackie mason
    commented 2016-11-27 22:26:04 -0800
    understand that Shingle Creek in Orange/OSCEOLA Counties is “HeadWaters” to the Everglades. Why then, isn’t there more outcry from Floridians about Sabal Trail Pipeline , its dangers & destruction, its potential for contaminating the waters all the way to the ‘Glades? WHY IS SCOTT’S criminal behavior & lack of ethics never addressed in his collusion & profiteering from these damaging progects he allowed, instigated & PROFITS from?!
  • Jeremiah Begnal
    commented 2016-10-28 08:37:46 -0700
    Brian Mast has not been forthright about publicly stating his true position on any issue, including Medicare, Social Security or environmental issues. He stands with the polluters for less regulation of our sacred resources. He has refused to stand against Big Sugar.

    How you can endorse him is beyond all that you supposedly stand for.

    Remove me from any future communications from your organization.
  • Lyda Barrera
    commented 2016-10-26 17:37:24 -0700
    Your endorsement of Brian Mast leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. You must be disregarding 99% of the wrong policies he spouses and only focusing on whatever he is promising about the Everglades which in my opinion is not to be trusted.
  • Alice Thomas
    commented 2016-10-25 22:08:09 -0700
  • Peter Koury
    commented 2016-10-24 18:11:20 -0700
  • David Bunch
    commented 2016-10-19 12:41:39 -0700
    I love your Everglades Reviewnewsletter. Is it on line somewhere that I may send my readers?

    Also troubling alert from my virus protector that you message contained phishing “”.

    You should investigate.

    Dave Bunch
  • hugh mcgillivray
    commented 2016-09-29 09:07:16 -0700
  • Michael Mason Moran
    posted about this on Facebook 2016-09-24 00:48:02 -0700
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