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For decades, pollution has been pouring into Lake Okeechobee from multiple directions, including the south. We have to stop it from heading east and west. The Everglades and Florida Bay (The Keys) desperately need this water - cleansed and plentiful - heading south.

There is a solution. Buy the land in the EAA. Build the reservoir. Stop the discharges east and west. Restore the flow of clean, fresh water into the Everglades and get it down to a starving Florida Bay. That is the undisputed environmental science of the Everglades.

There is the political science of the Everglades, too. This is what Everglades Trust is all about. We inform you when trust is broken by politicians not focused on the critical issues of the collapsing Everglades. We hold them accountable. We won't stop. We won't back down. Message to our elected officials: No more excuses. Just fix it.

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    EYE ON MIAMI:Hillary Clinton favors purchase of Big Sugar lands in Everglades Agricultural Area?

    EYE ON MIAMI: August 18, 2016. Written by Gimleteye. Hillary Clinton wrote an important OPED, published in the Treasure Coast Palm yesterday. In it, she endorses purchase of Big Sugar lands in the EAA. . Hillary appears to accept the Now or Neverglades Declaration. The Declaration is rippling across the Florida political front and proving a litmus test from county commission to state legislative and the US Senate race. Clinton ought to sign the declaration now. Otherwise, words are cheap. Hillary Clinton writes: "One of my husband's proudest accomplishments was signing a bipartisan bill in 2000 that finally committed to restoring the flow of fresh water through the Everglades and securing reliable clean water supplies for agriculture, businesses and families." Wait. Continue reading "Hillary Clinton favors purchase of Big Sugar lands in Everglades Agricultural Area?"
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    THE HILL: Taxpayers should be wary of false sugar reform proposals

    THE HILL: August 16, 2016. Written by David Williams. The U.S. sugar lobby constantly reminds people that crony capitalism is alive and well in Washington, D.C., as they continue to protect their sweet deal of federal subsidies that come at the expense of American consumers and taxpayers. To make matters worse, the sugar lobby is promoting a plan (called “zero-for-zero”) to push all other countries to get rid of their sugar subsidies before we do anything about our own. If it sounds unreasonable, that is because it is. Not only is this so-called “zero-for-zero” proposal for sugar policy unreasonable, it is also highly unlikely that other nations will abandon their protectionist subsidies, especially when the country demanding this false reform has a sugar industry that is so highly subsidized. Clearly, the only real purpose of “zero-for-zero” is to give the U.S. sugar lobby an excuse for zero reform. Continue reading "Taxpayers should be wary of false sugar reform proposals"
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