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The Everglades comprise the largest subtropical wetland ecosystem in North America and are recognized as one of the most important on the planet. They are a World Heritage Site and an International Biosphere Reserve.

Home to more than 80 endangered species of plants and animals, they are the source of the water supply for one out of every three Floridians (8 million people). The Everglades are the nexus of our water-based tourist economy, the economics this great system generates and makes possible rival anything else in Florida.

Everglades Trust was founded in 1994 by the late George Barley and today his legacy is carried on by his wife, Mary, and a dedicated Board of Directors, staff and volunteers. Our advocacy is backed up by overwhelming sound science and research.

The Trust and all those we partner with insist that local, state and federal lawmakers take meaningful and timely action to preserve and restore America’s Everglades. Through grassroots initiatives and legislator education, the Trust ensures lawmakers are held accountable to their constituents to save and protect the Everglades.

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    Carnage they could touch and smell

    Not all progress on Everglades restoration is tangible – moving and cleaning water, building things. Far from it. Over the years, one of the key challenges to restoration has been in engaging all Floridians, explaining what’s at stake and encouraging them to action. In 2016, we witnessed a critically important constituency of stakeholders get organized and educated, demanding action for clean water. Fishing guides, boat captains, anglers, boat manufacturers and tackle shops. This army of small businesses, whose very existence depends on clean and plentiful water, now actively battle to save the Everglades and Florida's waterways. They are giants and they’re not slowing down. Tapping into non-traditional, but extremely valuable, stakeholders has been harder. Hotels, tour companies, restaurants and retailers have been unwilling to join what has historically been viewed as an environmental fight. Those reliant on tourism feared taking a stand would highlight the problem and be bad for business today, even though being silent would kill it tomorrow. But worse than being silent, the Florida Chamber of Commerce has become a big part of the political problem. Candidly, they’ve gone from advocating for the interests of big business (not a bad thing) to simply a money-laundering operation for special interests buying political influence. They prop up the status quo through massive moves of money hidden from public view (a very bad thing).  
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    Full steam ahead!

    Every single day, we work over, around and through obstacles in the name of Everglades restoration. This work has never been easy, but these obstacles have made it more difficult, dragging out real solutions years, even decades, longer than necessary. This week we hurdled over another big one. We told you last month Florida Crystals notified the SFWMD they would “agree” to terminate a lease on land that is crucial to the EAA reservoir. The lease extension was granted by the prior administration in a gift to sugar before the new Governor could be sworn into office - a deliberate move to delay the EAA reservoir project. Instead of allowing the land to be returned to its rightful owner - the public - the former administration handed us yet another obstacle to Everglades restoration we’d have to battle to remove. We also told you about Governor DeSantis’ efforts to unwind that lease.  Last week, the Governor and Florida Cabinet worked to unwind a separate but related lease.  See, back in 2013, Florida Crystals asked the prior Governor and Cabinet to approve an additional 30-year lease to grow sugarcane on state-owned land.  When environmental groups objected to the extensions because the land was likely to be needed in the future for Everglades restoration, Big Sugar had its doo-boy Matt Caldwell tuck language into legislation that mooted any legal challenge to the action.  
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