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For decades, pollution has been pouring into Lake Okeechobee from multiple directions, including the south. We have to stop it from heading east and west. The Everglades and Florida Bay (The Keys) desperately need this water - cleansed and plentiful - heading south.

There is a solution. Buy the land in the EAA. Build the reservoir. Stop the discharges east and west. Restore the flow of clean, fresh water into the Everglades and get it down to a starving Florida Bay. That is the undisputed environmental science of the Everglades.

There is the political science of the Everglades, too. This is what Everglades Trust is all about. We inform you when trust is broken by politicians not focused on the critical issues of the collapsing Everglades. We hold them accountable. We won't stop. We won't back down. Message to our elected officials: No more excuses. Just fix it.

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    EYE ON MIAMI: Big Sugar hires 64 lobbyists, again, in Tallahassee to reinforce its closed loop system of government

    Eye on Miami: January 18, 2017. Written by Gimleteye Peoples' memories are short. Apparently in Tallahassee, few recall what happened only one year ago after historic rainfall in mid-winter, normally Florida's dry season, filled Lake Okeechobee to the brim and caused water managers to freak out.Lake Okeechobee is the diseased, liquid heart of Florida. For more than seventy years and until very recently, the lake was used by Big Sugar -- that farms on hundreds of thousands of acres around the lake, mostly around its southern half -- as its cesspit. In wet season, Big Sugar used to routinely pump water off its fields back into the Lake. That runoff was laden with fertilizer and other chemicals, like sulfate, used to increase crop yields. In dry season, Big Sugar would pump water back onto its fields, nourishing the most heavily subsidized agricultural crop in America.  Continue reading "Big Sugar hires 64 lobbyists, again, in Tallahassee to reinforce its closed loop system of government"
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    TCPALM: Letter: St. Lucie River is part of my family -- and yours, Sen. Negron

    TCPalm: January 12, 2017. Written by Becky Bruner. The St. Lucie is the river closest to my heart. Each year she must deal with billions of gallons of fresh water she can't take but which is dumped on her. All I can do is watch as she tries to revive herself once more. The old dark river has done this religiously for 80 years, but time is running out on her. My heart aches. As a child I played on her banks. Thinking of myself as Huckleberry Finn, I made a homemade raft to float on her. My first encounter with an alligator was at her south fork. I learned to water ski on her north fork. Continue reading "Letter: St. Lucie River is part of my family -- and yours, Sen. Negron"
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