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    SUN SENTINEL: Pave the Everglades, build sky high — readers have some interesting solutions to overcrowding

    Sun Sentinel: Written by Dan Sweeney. April 16, 2018. A developer in Boca Raton plans to sue the city over its apparent rejection of a plan involving building as much 2,500 new condos. Fort Lauderdale voters just voted in a city commission wary of major development. On the other hand, Pompano Beach looks set to build its tallest building to date. Given all this news, we asked readers what they thought about the perceived problem of overdevelopment, and what cities’ role in growth management ought to be. The first person to respond was a developer. Glenn Gromann identified himself as “a consultant for The Related Group, Toll Brothers & FCI Residential and numerous other developers including P6,” as well as an adjunct professor in FAU’s School of Urban and Regional Planning and a former member of the Boca Raton Planning and Zoning Board. Continue reading "Pave the Everglades, build sky high — readers have some interesting solutions to overcrowding"
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    ORLANDO SENTINEL: Time to end sugar subsidies and political payoffs

    Orlando Sentinel: Written by Scott Maxwell. April 17, 2018. The NRA gets most of the attention these days. But few industries have more power over politicians from both parties than Big Sugar. For years, sugar interests have plied Florida politicians with money, favors — even secretive trips to a private hunting lodge in Texas. And it has paid off nicely. In return for the largesse at both the Congressional and state level, the politicians give sugar what it wants … with your money. We’re talking hundreds of millions of dollars in federal subsidies and price supports, which not only cost you tax dollars but also grocery dollars, since they drive up the price of everything from soup and soda to spaghetti sauce and cereal. All for an industry that has treated the lower half of our state like a toilet bowl … which you pay once again to clean up. Finally there is a movement to end this not-so-sweet tradition. Continue reading "Time to end sugar subsidies and political payoffs"
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