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    Gazette Extra: Florida students reclaim passion of Stoneman Douglas

    Gazette Extra: Written by Esther Cepeda. February 28, 2018. It would, no doubt, repulse Marjory Stoneman Douglas to know that an unthinkable shooting at a high school bearing her moniker has sullied her good name. But we can’t let that horror recast such a remarkable woman’s legacy—she was far too accomplished to sacrifice her name to the worst possible bad news. Marjory Stoneman was born in 1890 to an entrepreneur father and a concert-violinist mother. A child of affluence, she attended Wellesley College, where she majored in English, became involved in the women’s suffrage movement and graduated in 1912. Let’s put this into context: In 1910, of all the bachelor’s degrees earned by the tiny percentage of the population who was even able to attend college, only 23 percent were earned by women. After graduating (and marrying, thus adding on the “Douglas”), Stoneman Douglas, at the ripe old age of 25, started writing for The Herald, the newspaper which would eventually become the Miami Herald, where her father had become the publisher. Continue reading "Florida students reclaim passion of Stoneman Douglas"
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    TC PALM: Uncooperative Florida Crystals holds key to Lake Okeechobee reservoir expansion | Analysis

    TC PALM: Written by Tyler Treadway. February 2, 2018. Whether the proposed reservoir to cut Lake Okeechobee discharges will be enlarged appears to be up to Alfonso and J. Pepe Fanjul. The Fanjul brothers own Florida Crystals, which owns the land that most logically could be used to expand the project's footprint. "Any solution to expanding the project has to involve Florida Crystals," said Thomas Van Lent, science and policy director at the Everglades Foundation. The Fanjuls were among 14 landowners with large holdings south of Lake Okeechobee who signed a letter to the district stating they "are not willing sellers of our farmland to the government." The state law creating the project also allows for swapping state-owned land either south of Lake Okeechobee or elsewhere for land adjacent to the reservoir site. Continue reading "Uncooperative Florida Crystals holds key to Lake Okeechobee reservoir expansion | Analysis"
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