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    TRCP: How Fishing Guides Accelerated Everglades Restoration Efforts

    TRCP: Written by Alycia Downs. December 14th, 2018. As fishing guides, charter captains, and other small business owners share their stories, decision-makers get inspired to make conservation happen in South Florida From the top of a poling platform in the Florida Keys, a fishing guide scans the flats for a slender outline or a silver flash, whispering instructions to an angler at the bow. “There’s one at ten o’clock. Drop it right in front him. Strip… faster, now…” The more precise the directions, the greater the chance of hooking into the targeted fish. Patience and perseverance are critical, especially when almost every element is outside of your control. In a moment of such pure concentration, politics should be the furthest thing from the mind of a guide. The unfortunate reality, however, is that our unique experiences on the water—not to mention the livelihoods of countless outdoor recreation business owners in south Florida—are directly affected by decisions made every day in Tallahassee and Washington, D.C. Continue reading "How Fishing Guides Accelerated Everglades Restoration Efforts"
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    TAMPA BAY TIMES: Winner and loser of the week in Florida politics

    Tampa Bay Times: Written by Adam C. Smith. January 13th, 2019. Winner of the week Gov. Ron DeSantis. Can anyone remember a Florida governor starting off with a better, more consequential first week in office than this guy? Even Democrats were applauding the conservative new governor whose remarkably busy week included naming the first Cuban American woman to the Florida Supreme Court, visiting and shining a spotlight on the continuing struggles of hurricane-ravaged north Florida communities, pardoning the Groveland Four, issuing sweeping environmental reforms and suspending assorted local officials. Oh, and he had an emergency landing in St. Petersburg, too. Runner up: Sarasota Republicans. The new chairman of the Florida GOP is Sarasota's Joe Gruters. The new vice chairman of the GOP is Sarasota's Christian Ziegler. Loser of the week Sen. Rick Scott. Florida's new senator, in contrast, seemed to go out of his way to leave Tallahassee looking like a jerk. Continue reading "Winner and loser of the week in Florida politics"
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