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    TAMPA BAY TIMES: Only one candidate for governor still takes money from Big Sugar: Adam Putnam

    Tampa Bay Times: Written by Craig Pittman. August 6, 2018. Florida politicians from both parties used to have a sweet tooth for campaign contributions from the state's powerful sugar industry. But now that Big Sugar is getting blamed for toxic algae blooms, a connection to the industry has turned into a political liability. This campaign season, only one person running for governor is still taking sugar's money: Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam. So far sugar companies and their affiliates have given Putnam's campaign and his Florida Grown PAC $804,000 in direct contributions, a reward for a reliable ally. He's also received $7.6 million from five political action committees that receive a significant portion of their contributions from the industry, or one out of every five dollars he has raised. Putnam also is the only gubernatorial candidate defending the sugar companies from accusations that they deserve some or all of the blame for the pollution-fueled algae blooms mucking up Lake Okeechobee and threatening to ruin beach communities on both coasts. Continue reading "Only one candidate for governor still takes money from Big Sugar: Adam Putnam"
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    SUN SENTINEL: Blame long line of politicians for Florida’s recurring algae crisis

    Sun Sentinel: Written by Fred Grimm. August 3, 2018. So many times over the years, Florida has been on the verge of cleaning up this noxious mess. The fix was always deemed too expensive. Wonder how they are feeling now, the pennywise powerboys who dodged and delayed and deceived and never found the money to honor their faux commitments? They prevaricated for years. Administration after administration. And now they can see what their collective inaction wrought as plumes of toxic algae spill out of Lake Okeechobee and course down the Caloosahatchee and St. Lucie estuaries. Now, the Florida formerly known as paradise suffers simultaneous disasters, east coast and west coast. Another summer ruined for fishing, surfing, kayaking, paddle boarding, swimming, boating. With canceled hotel reservations, closed beaches, lonely restaurants and angry tourists posting their toxic green algae photos on social media. Continue reading "Blame long line of politicians for Florida’s recurring algae crisis"
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