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For decades, pollution has been pouring into Lake Okeechobee from multiple directions, including the south. We have to stop it from heading east and west. The Everglades and Florida Bay (The Keys) desperately need this water - cleansed and plentiful - heading south.

There is a solution. Buy the land in the EAA. Build the reservoir. Stop the discharges east and west. Restore the flow of clean, fresh water into the Everglades and get it down to a starving Florida Bay. That is the undisputed environmental science of the Everglades.

There is the political science of the Everglades, too. This is what Everglades Trust is all about. We inform you when trust is broken by politicians not focused on the critical issues of the collapsing Everglades. We hold them accountable. We won't stop. We won't back down. Message to our elected officials: No more excuses. Just fix it.

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    TCPALM: Eve Samples: How Joe Negron became an environmentalist

    TCPalm: February 3, 2017. Written by Eve Samples. Joe Negron, president of the Florida Senate, is nothing if not methodical. He plots. He researches. He builds alliances, both through his political fundraising and his personal connections. He's cautious, sometimes to a fault. During interviews with journalists (including me), the Republican attorney from Stuart doesn't answer questions he's not asked, and he never reveals how he votes on his personal ballot. Continue reading "Eve Samples: How Joe Negron became an environmentalist"
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    TCPALM: Our view: Hold U.S. Sugar to its promise

    TCPalm: February 2, 2017. Written by Treasure Coast Newspapers' Editorial Board. “Absolutely.” That was the answer our Editorial Board got, without hesitation, from a U.S. Sugar Corp. executive when we posed this question: Will you meet with local leaders and environmentalists to identify a mutually agreeable solution to permanently stop discharges from Lake Okeechobee to the St. Lucie River? “I’d be more than willing to sit down with whoever it is to engage in those discussions as to what it is we ought to be doing and why,” said Malcolm “Bubba” Wade, the Clewiston-based sugar company’s senior vice president for corporate strategy and business development, during a meeting Wednesday with Treasure Coast Newspapers’ Editorial Board. Continue reading "Our view: Hold U.S Sugar to its promise"
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