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    FLORIDA SPORTSMAN: Microcystin Toxin: Killing Marine Life and Humans

    Florida Sportsman: Written by Karl Wickstrom. August 4th, 2017. Microcystin is a component of what’s lovingly called blue-green algae, or other confusing names like cyanobacteria. Or, my choice: poisonous slime discharged on us from special interests inland. Supposedly, a “recent” study at Ohio State University showed that people living in a four-county Florida cluster (Martin, St. Lucie, Indian River, Okeechobee) died from liver disease (often cancer) at nearly twice the national average and much more often than elsewhere in the state. This so-called shocking news comes out more than a full decade after noted scientists had already identified nutrient runoffs as the key source of eutrophication, which is known to kill all manner of marine life—and apparently innocent people. Continue reading "Microcystin Toxin: Killing Marine Life and Humans"
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    MIAMI NEW TIMES: Florida Boat Companies Lose Millions as Polluted Waters, Fish Shortages Hammer Business

    Miami New Times: Written by Isabella Gomes. August 4, 2017. Stationed beneath a navy-blue pennant, Capt. Chris Peterson strokes the plush lining of his company’s prized 18-foot skiff. As a scattering of fly-fishing enthusiasts gather around the vessel, the master craftsman pivots the boat’s backrest upward, revealing its double feature as a step stool for the poling tower. Peterson spends his day inside an Atlanta convention center showing two shallow-water boats — but the hearty captain's true clientele is back home in Florida. For 20 years, Peterson’s Titusville-based company, Hell’s Bay Boatworks, served the “weekend warriors” of South Florida’s backcountry fishing scene. Every year, the company has sold 110 to 120 custom-designed boats, each valued around $65,000. Continue reading: "Florida Boat Companies Lose Millions as Polluted Waters, Fish Shortages Hammer Business" 
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